Post doc in Molecular Phylogenies and Cospeciation

Roderic D. M. Page rod.page at zoology.oxford.ac.uk
Tue May 30 16:20:00 EST 1995

Post doc in Molecular Phylogenies and Cospeciation

A Postdoctoral position, funded by the NERC for two
years, is available from October 1, 1995. The work
entails phylogenetic analysis of a range of host and
parasite systems (including viruses, bacterial
endosymbionts, bird and mammal lice) using primarily
molecular data sets, and computer simulations to
determine the efficacy of various methods of
reconstructing the history of host-parasite associations.

The post doc will be based at the University of Glasgow,
Scotland. The project is under the direction of Dr Rod
Page (presently at University of Oxford, but moving to
Glasgow in September). For more information on the
project, Glasgow University, and Dr Page, point your WWW
browser to this URL:


Or send email to rod.page at zoology.oxford.ac.uk

Applicants should have a background in systematics and/or
evolutionary biology, and have experience in modern
methods of phylogenetic analysis. Computer programming
skills would be a definite advantage. Salary will be in
the range 13,941 - 14,756 pounds.

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