Internet Databases for Malacology

Tue May 30 20:56:25 EST 1995


I have created a list of databases and WWW links useful for malacology,
systematics, and molecular genetics which is available on the WWW at:


I would appreciate some assistance in improving it.

For malacologists, it includes links to the Deep-Sea Research Home Page,
the MOLLUSCA archives, the Malacolog 2.0 Bibliography and Database, the
Natural History Museum's (UK) Literature Catalog, the "Fossil Record 2"
Excel files, lists of natural history museums, just shy of a dozen
Malacology or Paleontology Type and Specimen catalogs (all searchable),
and a link to the archives of the MOLLUSCA-MOLECULAR-NEWS.

For molecular systematists, it includes links to GenBank, the BioNet's
molecular evolution newsgroup archives, the ANCIENT-DNA-L archives
and bibliography, the Ribosomal Database Project, and more.

Additionally, there are some links to useful literature databases
(like Carl UNCOVER, the MEDLINE, Felsenstien's Bibliography of
Theoretical Population Genetics, and the Classification Literature
Automated Search Service).

Please take a look at this page of links and let me know of any
other resources available on the Internet, particulary citation databases,
bibliographies, specimen catalogs (molluscan), and faunal databases.
Please reply by email, not by newsgroup posting.  Much thanks!

Andrew McArthur
Dept. Biology
University of Victoria
amcarthu at uvvm.uvic.ca

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