Calculating Nei's Nucleotide Diversity

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In article m06 at mercury.hgmp.mrc.ac.uk,  swhitfie at gen.cam.ac.uk (Simon Whitfield) writes:
>I'm trying to get hold of a program (or even a spreadsheet) for estimating the 
>value and variance of pi, the "nucleotide diversity" measure of DNA polymorphism
>described by Masatoshi Nei in his book "Molecular Evolutionary Genetics".

You may compute Nei's nucleotide diversity with the program MULTICOMP :

Reeves, P.R., Farnell, L., Lan, R. (1994) MULTICOMP: a program for preparing
sequence data for phylogenetic analysis. CABIOS 10:281-284.

Contact the authors by e-mail : reeves at angis.su.oz.au

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