why do we die?

Sean Stinson sstinson at uoguelph.ca
Wed Nov 1 13:11:40 EST 1995

TJD. Prior (tp5145 at irix.bris.ac.uk) wrote:
: As a physics student I was thinking and the question came to me Why do we
: die, Why cant we just regenerate our selves forever. As nobody could give
: me a satisfactory answer am asking you. If you could answer this simple!!
: question in basic terms I would I would be most greatfull.
Sean replied,
	there have been studies with rats, where they replaced
the thymus with aborted fetus(rat) thymus.  This extended their
lives by 1.5 times.  I believe that this DNA error argument is
garbage.  I think that the major organs accumulate damage over
the 70-80 years of our lives, as each organ become less efficient
at removing waste or performing its function, the other organs 
have to work harder and/or become damaged also.  This leads to an
exponential degeneration of the body just as we start out with
an exponential generation.  If we were able to replace organs
with those obtained from aborted fetuses we would be able to
potentially live forever, as the rat experiement has demonstrated.
Pretty sick thought, but how badly do want to live?  

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