Comparing host and parasite trees

Roderic D M Page rpage at vax.ox.ac.uk
Wed Nov 1 15:22:32 EST 1995

TreeMap is a free, experimental program for comparing host and parasite
phylogenies. It allows you to interactively compare host and parasite
trees, construct reconstructions of the history of the association, and
perform some simple randomisation tests of hypotheses of cospeciation.

The program can be downloaded from its WWW site:


The site also has an online manual, or you can download the documentation
as a Postscript file.

TreeMap runs on the Apple Macintosh (System 7.0 or later) and PCs running
Windows 3.1 or later.

For a description of the method used by TreeMap, see Page, R.D.M. 1994.
Parallel Phylogenies: Reconstructing the history of host-parasite
assemblages. Cladsitics 10: 155-173.

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