Homosexual behavior in primates

Ram Samudrala ram at mbisgi.umd.edu
Thu Nov 2 20:55:48 EST 1995

Joshu (rh22384 at swt.edu) wrote:

>I submit that as long as our questions are so dichotomous, we will
>suffer under the delusion that we can be in complete control of the

My questions are usually dichotomous, but I suffer under so no such

>I doubt that the "either/or" categorization of homosexuals into 
>"either" nurture "or" nature will serve any better function than to 
>continue our delusion that we as humans are "either" heterosexual "or" 

Do you have any evidence to this hypothesis?  Are you denying the
existance of a certain subset of humans that are "either" heterosexual
"or" homosexual?  It is this subset we're interested in (for now).

>culture there is such a strong reaction formation to our universal 
>homoerotic inclinations that, when we THINK about our condition, confined 
>as it is within a Cartisian dualistic paradigm, our fear drives us to 
>pigeon-hole sexual phenomena to some distant taboo island, where "either" 
>"those" people are homosexual "or" not, "either" genetically determined 
>"or" not, "either" free to choose "or" not, "either" oriented "or" not, 
>"or" "either" preferenced "or" not.

Is this some sort of a Freudian analysis?  I don't see where you get
the "fear" from.  What would you say if such a dualistic question was
posted by a bisexual?

But really, I don't think any clear cut answer will come out of asking
"either" "or" in all cases.  But I do think clear-cut answers, that
for a subset of a population describe such categorisation, are


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