UNIX Parsimony Programs

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> Colleagues,
> I have a large (98 taxa, 200 bp) NEXUS file that I have tried to analyse
> with PAUP.  Needless to say, it is slow.  I have PHYLIP for UNIX on a new
> SPARC station and wish to try it that way - does anyone have a conversion
> utility for converting NEXUS files to PHYLIP infiles?  Also, what other
> parsimony programs are available for UNIX systems?  I know a UNIX version
> of PAUP is forthcoming, but is there anything else I could try in the
> meantime.  Much thanks!
> Andrew

I suggest that you use the front end GUI GDE from the UMontreal site on
your Unix machine. It provides a good sequence editor that can interconvert
file formats making it easy to go from nexus to phylip. All the phylip
analyses can be done without leaving the editor; it calls the programs and
you can tailor what it does through the .GDEmenu files

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