Came life from space?

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Hello Robert!

Friday November 03 1995 08:28, OB295RA at stud.hifm.no wrote to All:

 >> > the galaxy. In that time we will have travelled past a lot of
 >> > stars in the milky way, stars who may had life on one of their
 >> > planets, perhaps even developed life. Is this a possibility?
 >> NOPE, Not a chance.

 OR> Why??
It might well have. Imagin a planet with life on it (nice micro organisms would
suffice). Next imagin this rather largish planetoid. They collide with an
enourmous -*BANG*-. This would (in theory) shoot off large amounts of water
from the planets surface. One or more of these particles (comets) lands on
earth, adding a trivial amount of water and a not so trivial amount of micro
Life could, theoreticaly, have come from space, but then where did it start?

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