testing if seqs. are in same phylo. tree?

Keith Robison robison at mito.harvard.edu
Fri Nov 10 11:06:01 EST 1995

David Maddison (beetle at ag.arizona.edu) wrote:
: Another way to put it is that I would like to know if this 
: collection of sequences is monophyletic on the grand tree of
: all gene trees, or if it is para/polyphyletic with the intervening
: sequences being of different function.  While this is
: fundamentally a phylogenetic question (presuming such a 
: grand tree of all gene trees exists), it is a horrendous one 
: to answer in that the sequences are so divergent that 
: one can't do a normal phylogenetic analysis on them - there's
: just nothing to get a hold of.  

: So has anyone written about possible methods of coping with
: such problems?  (Obviously some of the general
: literature on phylogenetic inference has some applicable stuff,
: but I want to know if anyone has anyone has talked about this
: specific  problem, even if they have done so without presenting
: it fully as a phylogenetics problem.)

I know Russell Doolittle has written at least one article on 
convergent evolution; you might try working off that (tiny) lead.

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