Homosexual behavior in primates

Ram Samudrala ram at mbisgi.umd.edu
Wed Nov 15 15:34:14 EST 1995

Graeme Cumming (mi95gc at medicine.newcastle.edu.au) wrote:

>In article <47rfug$egl at hecate.umd.edu>, ram at mbisgi.umd.edu (Ram Samudrala) says:
>>Assuming what you say is true, this does not account for the fact that
>>most people do indeed practice a certain kind.  I presume the number
>>of heterosexuals who have not engaged in a homosexual relationships
>>plus the number of heterosexuals who have not at all engaged in a
>>heterosexual relationship are far fewer than the number of people who
>>have engaged in both sorts (whatever the reasons).

>Hang on, let me get that straight.

>"the number of heterosexuals who have not engaged in a homosexual 
>relationships ... are far fewer than the number of people who
>have engaged in both sorts "

Right.  Where both sorts = "both homosexual and heterosexual."

>i.e. #homosexuals > #heterosexuals


>(Defining homosexuals as being those who have ever participated
>in homosexual activity and heterosexuals as those who have never 
>participated in homosexual activity)

Yes, but I am not comparing homosexuals and heterosexuals.  I am saying:

#hetersexuals > #bisexuals
#homosexuals  > #bisexuals

The first statement to me is more obvious than the second, but I think
both are true.  Where bisexual is defined as those who have
participated in homosexual and heterosexual relationships (this is
somewhat different from "activity", mind you and I prefer to use
"relationships" instead of "activity").

>Forgive me for quoting Time magazine, but I do have a copy in 
>which the number of exclusively homosexual men was approx. 1%,
>that for ever participating in homosexual activity was approx 

Of the whole sample?  Well, depending on how you read it (which issue
is this?), it might make my second statement (#homosexuals>
#bisexuals) not true.  But I believe the first is very true.  Why is
this is the scientific quesstion.


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