breaking codons?

Randy Zauhar zauhar at xhost5.tripos.com
Thu Nov 16 11:03:44 EST 1995

   Keith Robison wrote:

>There really isn't much reason _a priori_ to expect recombination from
>occuring amidst a codon.  Remember, the bulk of recombination involves
>exact pairing between two pieces of DNA coding for about the same
>thing, and so there are unlikely to be harmful effects from
>the recombination event (i.e. recombination is unlikely to generate
>a frameshift from two unframeshifted genes).

   Sorry if this should be "common knowledge", but what is the probability
 of introducing a frameshift during crossover? I have wondered about this,
 but have never run across any estimates. I wonder if it is an effect that
 can even be measured apart from other factors that introduce frameshifts?


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