testing if seqs. are in same phylo. tree?

Xuhua Xia xxia1 at unix1.sncc.lsu.edu
Wed Nov 22 09:34:56 EST 1995

David Maddison (beetle at ag.arizona.edu) wrote:
: In article <ednah-0911951913500001 at johnh.hip.berkeley.edu>,
: ednah at mws4.biol.berkeley.edu (Huelsenbeck) wrote:

: > It sounds as if you want to test whether estimates from different data
: > partitions (e.g., genes) are significantly different (more different than
: > would be expected by stochastic variation).  There are a couple of tests
: > available that might prove acceptable.

: John,

: No, this is not what I wish to test.   The question is whether
: or not a collection of sequences all BELONG to the same gene
: tree; it is not whether or not different genes give the same tree.

I think that you have to have enough information about these genes
and the function of their products so that you can have an explicit
expectation of what the observed sequences should look like if they
indeed belong to the same gene tree. So why don't let us share
what information you have already collected about these genes?

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