Evolution & the 2nd law?

Andrew Rodin rodin
Wed Nov 29 10:01:14 EST 1995

dasnyder at uci.edu (David Snyder) wrote:


>mechanics (I know it sounds far afield) to do some modeling.  Prigogine's
>work would probably be quite useful for my edification so if you could
>direct me to your source, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Nice introductory book:

      Order from Chaos, Ilya Prigogine and Isabelle Stengers, Flamingo 1985

Some recent (well, relatively :-) papers:

      Morphological and chiral symmetry breaking in reaction-diffusion
      systems.   Ding DF.  Prigogine I.
      Journal of Theoretical Biology.  128(2):135-57, 1987 Sep 21.

      Life and physics. New perspectives.   Prigogine I.
      Cell Biophysics.  9(1-2):217-24, 1986 Dec.

      Physics and metaphysics.   Prigogine I.
      Advances in Biological & Medical Physics.  16:241-65, 1977.

      Some remarks on thermodynamics and kinetics of self-organization.  pp.
      315-23.   Babloyantz A.  Hiernaux J.  Prigogine I.
      In:  Puiseux-Dao S, ed.  Molecular biology of nucleocytoplasmic

      Biological order, structure and instabilities.   Prigogine I. Nicolis G.
      Quarterly Reviews of Biophysics.  4(2):107-48, 1971 Aug.

      Nonequilibrium problems in biological phenomena.   Prigogine I.
      Nicolis G.  Babloyantz A.
      Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences.  231(1):99-105, 1974.

      Symmetry breaking instabilities in biological systems.   Prigogine I.
      Lefever R.  Goldbeter A.  Herschkowitz-Kaufman M.
      Nature.  223(209):913-6, 1969 Aug 30.

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