Biosys Problem

Dr. Mathias Loertscher loertscher at zoo.unibe.ch
Thu Nov 30 08:46:29 EST 1995

A problem running Biosys Release 1.7

A friend of mine recently wanted to do an analysis of allozyme variation in
millipedes (Glomerids). At our lab we use the computer program Biosys
(Release 1.7). This version is supposed to be able to handle up to 30
alleles. However whenever we wanted to run the Biosysl.exe program with a
file containing a maximum of more than 20 alleles, it immediately crashed.
If we lowered the number of alleles to 20 or less it would work until it
encountered a wrong character of course. 
Does anyone have a clue as to what we did wrong?

Thank you in advance

Dr. Mathias Loertscher
Zoological Institute 
University of Berne, Switzerland

e-mail address: loertscher at zoo.unibe.ch

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