DNA substitutions saturated?

Steve Palumbi palumbi at hawaii.edu
Wed Nov 29 22:35:51 EST 1995

Dave Carmean asks how to tell if mtDNA sequences are saturated. ONe way 
is to graph the number of transversions versus the number of transitions. 
If the graph levels off - i.e. number of transitions reaches some sort of 
ceiling - then the sequences in this range are probably saturated for 
transition substitutions. Note that this can occur at what seems a fairly 
low divergence: sequences of COI that are 12% different may in fact be 
saturated for transitions at silent sites. Note also that saturation can 
be reached at lower divergence values if there is strong nucleotide bias 
as in insect or crustacean mtDNAs.

Steve Palumbi

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