Miller Urey experiments

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>Hi All,
>Anyone have any ideas where I might find any writeups on the original
>miller-urey experiment, and/or any of the followups done by other
>researches to research the creation of basic macromolecules in the
>primoridial soup?  I am particularly looking for experimental
>methodolgy (materials and methods)...

You can find Miller's personal account of the original experiment

  S.L. Miller, "The first laboratory synthesis of organic compounds
     under primitive earth conditions" in <The Heritage of Copernicus:
     Theories "Pleasing to the Mind">, J. Neyman ed., MIT Press,
     1974, pp. 228-242.

For a summary of what has happened since 1953, see:

  S.L. Miller, "The prebiotic synthesis of organic compounds as a
     step toward the origin of life" in <Major events in the
     history of life>, JW Schopf ed., Jones and Bartlett, 1992,
     pp. 1-28.

     "Because there's no primordial soup; we all know that, right?"
      -- Leo Buss, in the discussion following his paper in
         <Complexity: Metaphors, Models, and Reality>,
         SFI proceedings volume XIX, Addison Wesley, 1994. p. 237.
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