Molecular systeamtics

Erich Schwarz schwarze.ccomail at starbase1.caltech.edu
Tue Oct 3 22:23:03 EST 1995

Ludvig Mortberg wrote:

> We won't get any further on the issue of molecular systematics here.
> The issue whether it's a valid and useful scientific method will not be
> determined by writings in this forum.

    With all due respect, can you actually refute the many coherent
responses that were made to your arguments?  Can you refute *any* of
them?  If you can't, what's the point of reading other people who have
your views?

    As far as I can tell, your core complaint about molecular systematics
is that you don't see how on earth it can possibly work.  Please recall
that that is the same objection that Samuel Johnson had to the bicycle:
"You drive yourself and the bicycle as well."  Some things are so new and
radical that they are counterintuitively successful.  Molecular
phylogenetics may be one of them, but that doesn't make it *wrong*.

--Erich Schwarz

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