the cladists

SCOTT ROUSH s005sar at paladin.wright.edu
Sat Oct 7 15:27:26 EST 1995

I have recently read that cladistics has been proclaimed to be "based on 
punctuated equilibria." I have also read "cladists... can only smirk at 
the suggestion that cladistics derives from puctuated equilibria. 
Cladistics...has been ridiculed in ultra-Darwinian quarters because of 
the apparently antievolutionary stance adopted over the last decade by 
some of its more ardent supporters."  

I admit that I know very little about cladistics, but how can any cladist 
adopt an antievolutionary stance and how does cladistics relate to 
punctuated equilibria (if it indeed does)?

Can anyone shed some light on these issues?


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