Mammalian phylogeny

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Wed Oct 11 10:24:13 EST 1995

In article r5a at obelix.cica.es, mburgos at platon (Miguel Burgos Poyatos) writes:
>>I am interested in mammalian phylogeny, spacially in relation to
>the relative position of primates, insectivores, quiroptera and
>rodents. Some literature references wil be very acknowledged.

there is a lot of litterature on the subject. If you do not know them,
you could start with these :

Novacek (1992) "Mammalian phylogeny : shaking the tree" Nature 356: 121-125
[mostly morphologic]

Li et al. (1990) "Molecular phylogeny of Rodentia, Lagomorpha, Primates,
Artiodactyla, and Carnivora and molecular clocks" PNAS 87: 6703-6707

in general, for both morphologic and molecular approaches, look at all
issues of 'Journal of Mammalian Evolution'.

hope this helps,


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