Genetic automation

Christian Schunck bbi010 at aixrs1.hrz.uni-essen.de
Thu Oct 12 04:03:26 EST 1995

We are using a system called MetaphaseFinder from the firm MetaSystems in 
Sandhausen, Germany. It is used to scan microscopical slides for 
metaphase spreads to relocate them easily during scoring i.e. for 
chromosomal aberrations. The same system can also support automatic 
dicentric hunting, karyotyping, banding analysis and FISH translocation 
analysis. If you are interested in more information just mail me.
Univeritaet GH Essen          
FB 9 Genetik                  
D-45117 Essen                 
University of Essen
Dept. of Genetics
45117 Essen

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