Evolutionary Psychology - The Moral Animal

Bert Gold bgold at itsa.ucsf.edu
Wed Oct 11 13:31:26 EST 1995

I have just finished reading Robert Wright's new book,
The Moral Animal, which is an exposition on the "science" of
evolutionary psychology, based (in large part) upon an analysis
of Charles Darwin's life story from the perspective of a sociobiologist.

If I remember the New York Times book review of this work correctly,
it emphasized Mr. Wright's deep understanding of why beautiful young
women are attracted to moneyed greying men.

Although I am impressed with both Mr. Wright's and Dr. E. O. Wilson's
elucidation of the importance of altruism, sib-selection and kin selection
for behavioral evolution; I remain unconvinced that a necessary relation
to the laws of physics and chemistry has been forged by these two

Netters, I am trying my best to understand this stuff as it applies
to my interests in genetics and molecular biology in particular and
behavioral genetics in general.

Do any of you have any insight into what troubles me about this field
(evolutionary psychology) and how I might learn to think this way?


Bert Gold
UCSF - Genetics

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