Molecular evolution.

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> To Whom It May Concern:
> I am very interested in the topic of molecular evolution.  I would greatly
> appreciate any information anyone could provide about literature
> concerning this topic.  A "bibliography" would be great.  Thanks in
> advance.
> L. Polk


    Hi.  From a quick search of the CAplus file produced by the database I
work at, Chemical Abstracts Service, I found 382 reviews containing the search
terms evolution and molecular.  A couple of interesting looking ones were:

o Zuckerkandl, E, Molecular pathways to parallel evolution: I. Gene nexuses and
  their morphological correlates J. Mol. Evol. (1994), 39(6), 661-78

o Miyata, Takashi; Kuma, Kei-ichi; Iwabe, Naoyuki; Nikoh, Naruo A possible
  link between molecular evolution and tissue evolution demonstrated by tissue
  specific genes Jpn.  J.  Genet.  (1994), 69(5), 473-80

    A lot of people think that Chemical Abstracts has only chemical
information, but, a third of all the abstracts (journals, patents, conference
proceedings, etc.) we put out every year come from our bio-related areas and
include abstracts like the above ones and over 965,000 biosequences.

    Well, anyways, I hope this helps!  Good luck!


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