Evolutionary Psychology - The Moral Animal

Gerrit Hanenburg ghanenbu at inter.nl.net
Sun Oct 15 06:19:34 EST 1995

badger at phylo.life.uiuc.edu (Jonathan Badger) wrote:

>Whenever a critic (which include such well known evolutionary scientists
>such as Gould and Maynard-Smith) points this out, Wilson's brilliant defense is to call
>the critic a Marxist. Apparently Ed isn't aware that the House
>Committee on Un-American Activities has been dissolved, and that
>calling someone a Red doesn't cause them to be blacklisted anymore.

I really think you should be a little more careful about what you are
saying.To discredit a respectable scientist like Wilson by accusing him of
calling his critics Marxists *whenever* they oppose to his ideas on
sociobiology is at best rather disgusting.
If this is indeed the strategy Wilson uses to deal with his critics then
you should be able to give us lots of references.

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