neural nets in taxonomy

Andrew Rodin rodin
Thu Oct 19 22:31:52 EST 1995

In article <4332rp$fl0 at net.bio.net>, minch at lotka.stanford.edu writes:
|> I'm about to start some work applying neural network models to problems in
|> taxonomy and systematics. The last time I played with NNs was over five
|> years ago, and I haven't really kept up. If anyone knows of work of this
|> type--even in progress, even classification rather than phylogeny--I'd be
|> grateful for a tip.

I suggest you check out GenCANS (Gene Classification Artificial Neural
System), developed at the University of Texas Health Center at Tyler by
Dr. Cathy H. Wu and colleagues. GenCANs URL is


Also there are the references:

Wu, Cathy, G. Whitson, J. McLarty, A. Ermongkonchai and T. Chang. 1992. 
Protein classification artificial neural system. Protein Science, 1,

Wu, Cathy. 1993. Classification neural networks for rapid sequence
annotation and automated database organization. Computers & Chemistry,
17(2), 219-227. 

Wu, Cathy and S. Shivakumar. 1994. Back-propagation and
counter-propagation neural networks for phylogenetic classification of
ribosomal RNA sequences. Nucleic Acids Research, 22, 4291-4299. 

Wu, Cathy, M. Berry, S. Shivakumar, and J. McLarty. Neural networks for
full-scale protein sequence classification: Sequence encoding with
singular value decomposition. Machine Learning, (In Press). 

Hope that helps,

Sorry for the delay, :-)


PS. I am not associated with UT-Tyler or GenCANS project in any way.

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