WHY do we die?

SZABOR at fns.uniba.sk SZABOR at fns.uniba.sk
Tue Oct 24 04:42:09 EST 1995

Dear scientists!
I have been watching this discussion very closely since it started,
but I am still missing some kind of overview (I apologize if it was
already posted). I mean you are talking about DNA degradation, higher
mutation rates, inability of neurons to divide, but I think all this
doesn't answer the simple question: why must we die? Why our cels
cannot undergo undefinite number of cell cycles, like it is in
bacteria, or let's say in yeasts? I know the situation there is
somewhat different (single yeast cell cannot divide forever), but why
higher eukaryotes cannot use the same system? I can imagine that we
could live let's say forever (or at least much longer- I don't like
to use word forever) and still be able to reproduce ourselves in a
classic way. I am sure there must be a pretty good reason why this
does not work in real life, but I cannot find the reasonable
explanation. Can anybody help me?
                                    Roman Szabo
                                    Dept. Biochemistry
                                    Faculty of Natural Sciences
                                    Comenius University
                                    Bratislava, Slovakia
                                    szabor at fns.uniba.sk

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