why do we die?

Scott Davis addavis at BETA.LOYNO.EDU
Tue Oct 24 17:37:47 EST 1995

This has been the most interesting conversation, and there have been many 
good points brought up.  I especially liked the genetic explanations.  I 
did not see, and I apologize if I missed it, any reference to the fact 
that oxidation and free radical reactions in the body literally destroy 
our cells, our celluar proteins, AND our nucleic acids.  Our defenses 
against these chemical reactions occuring at the molecular level can be 
depleted easily.  Celluar membranes break down compromising the security, 
well, essentially the life of the cell.  What causes this?  I wish I 
knew, but the fact is we do not live in a sterile bubble, nor do we 
practice ( in all cases) great life habits.  We are victims of organisms 
many times smaller than ourselves, we are victims to our own environment, 
our water and our air.  If it were possible to study an organism in a 
completely sterile environment controlling all of its actions and 
nourishing it with the biologically optimum nutrients, if you will, then 
we could study what it is that actually goes wrong, independent from any 
other factor.  Until then the molecular level is the one place where we 
can gather enough clues.

I recommend a good book for all to read called How We Die by Sherwin B. 

Scott Davis
Loyola University
New Orleans, La  USA

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