why do we die?

Erich Schwarz schwarze.ccomail at starbase1.caltech.edu
Thu Oct 26 04:02:45 EST 1995

Jonah Thomas wrote:

> Also we're looking at a _long_ feedback loop.  Come up with a better 
> gene product that should aid old people, and it may be 80 years before 
> you find out how well it works really.  Try too many different things at 
> once and they may interact strangely.

    Well, yes, but you *could* try them in mice first.

> These are "yes-buts", not "gotchas".  New techniques might slip right by 
> them.  But it isn't predictable that they will, or how they will.

    Indeed.  When you look at a *finished* technology,
it all looks very straightforward: but *making* the future
is backbreaking work.  It was always thus, I suspect.

--Erich Schwarz

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