Mary K. Kuhner mkkuhner at phylo.genetics.washington.edu
Fri Oct 27 18:08:01 EST 1995

In article <DH4IGI.s0 at midway.uchicago.edu> mg16 at midway.uchicago.edu writes:

>	Given that the initial post, which I saw in all the bionet.*
>newsgroups on my site earlier on Friday, 27 October 1995, has apparently
>been CANCELLED, one wonders whether this faculty strike issue is a hoax,
>or something the UManitoba administrators have censored.


The cancellation was due to it being posted to an excessive number of
newsgroups (40) without crossposting, not to its content.  See newsgroup
news.admin.net-abuse.announce for the cancellation announcement.

I have no knowledge of the truth of the announcement, but a phone
call to UManitoba should settle the question easily.

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