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Fri Oct 27 16:10:52 EST 1995

NO!!!  NO  !!!!!   NO!!!!!!

This is not a hoax, although your second guess may be more accurate.  
Certainly the University of Manitoba administration has done similar 
underhanded things .... for example giving themselves a 10% pay increase 
last year while "clawing" back on faculty pay and benefits, and reducing 
student service.

Please support the faculty strike in any way you can.

Cristofre Martin (former U of M student)
Loeb Institute
Ottawa Civic Hospital
Ottawa, Ontario

On Fri, 27 Oct 1995, Mark D. Garfinkel wrote:

> In article <46qnj5$19l8 at unix1.sncc.lsu.edu>,
> Xuhua Xia <xxia1 at unix1.sncc.lsu.edu> wrote:
> In article <46p0m8$9m0 at canopus.cc.umanitoba.ca>
> >R.D. Gietz (gietz at cc.umanitoba.ca) wrote:
> 	[stuff that got CANCELLED from my site's news-spool]
> >I encourage every Canadian scientist abroad to suppport the professors at
> >University of Manitoba. I have been there. The place is already cold
> >enough [more sarcasm deleted]
> 	Given that the initial post, which I saw in all the bionet.*
> newsgroups on my site earlier on Friday, 27 October 1995, has apparently
> been CANCELLED, one wonders whether this faculty strike issue is a hoax,
> or something the UManitoba administrators have censored.
> Mark
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