evol. trees and Steiner trees?

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Joao Carlos Setubal  <setubal> wrote:
>Are there any works that present algorithms for tree reconstruction based on
>Steiner tree algorithms?
>All I know is that the Steiner problem was used to show the NP-completeness of
>tree reconstruction by parsimony (cf. Foulds and Graham, Adv. Appl. Math. 1982,
>and Day, Johnson, Sankoff, Math. Biosc. , 1986).

All parsimony methods try to find Steiner trees in a graph.  The original
parsimony paper, which was by Edwards and Cavalli-Sforza in 1964, put
forward a Steiner tree in a space of gene frequencies (an n-dimensional 
Euclidean space).

For references, try Swofford and Olsen's nice review in chapter 11 of
Hillis and Moritz's book (1990) "Molecular systematics".

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