Program of 6th NEMEB-Meeting

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Mon Oct 30 12:16:02 EST 1995

                       SIXTH ANNUAL MEETING 
                  Saturday, November 11, 1995 
                   University of Connecticut 
                          Storrs, CT 
                   Physics Building (IMS) 36 
 8:30 - 9:00   Coffee and doughnuts 
               Mount posters 
 9:00 - 10:30  Session I:  Invited Talks  
               (Moderator:  Linda Strausbaugh) 
               Exploring Evolutionary Potential at the Biochemical and  
               Genetic Levels.  Barry Hall, University of Rochester 
               The Early Evolution of Life.   
               Peter Gogarten, The University of Connecticut 
               Evolution of Development in the Nematode Male Tail.   
               David Fitch, New York University 
10:30 - 10:45  Break 
10:45 - 12:15  Session II:  Contributed Talks (see titles below)
12:15 -  1:45  Lunch and Posters (see titles below)
 1:45 -  3:15  Session III:  Contributed Talks 
 3:15 -  5:00  Dessert and Posters 
 5:00 -  6:00  Session IV:  Invited Talks (Moderator:  Chris Simon) 
               Codon Usage Evolution in Drosophila.   
Jeffrey Powell, Yale University 
               Waterworld II:  The  Evolution of Aquatic Plants.   
Don Les, The University of Connecticut 

        will be available for viewing all day with a specific poster 
session with coffee and desserts.  Poster boards are full size, 
approximately 4 X 6.  You will need to supply your own pins for mounting to 
the boards. 
                  have been scheduled for 15 minutes.  Please arrange for 
your talk to be 12-13 minutes in length to allow for questions and 
discussion.  Slide projector and overhead will be available. 
      is scheduled for a relatively short period.  Although there are 
restaurants in the area, it will be tight to have lunch off site in the 
scheduled time frame.  We have arranged for box lunches to be sold in the 
conference building, and will have tables and chairs available for seating.  
Cost will be $6 for a deli sandwich, chips, soda, cookie, and fruit.  We 
encourage you to take advantage of this box lunch.  Orders are required in 
advance.  Please e-mail Peter Gogarten (gogarten at uconnvm.uconn.edu) by Nov. 
8 to order a box lunch with your name and choice of the following:  
turkey, roast beef, ham, tuna, or veggie. 
"Evolution of repetitive proteins: theme and variations in spider silk 
Richard Beckwitt, Framingham State College  

"A multi-technique approach to the study of the genetic structure of 
mediterranean populations of Dicentrarchus labrax." 
Sbordoni, V., G. Allegrucci, A. Caccone, D. Cesaroni, C. Fortunato, 
F.Venanzetti and S. Cataudella, Yale University 

"Characterization of lobster populations using microsatellite markers."  
Yan Kit Tam , University of Maine 

"Molecular Evidence in the Systematics of Nuphar (Nymphaeaceae)." 
Donald J. Padgett, Donald H. Les, and Garrett E. Crow, Univ. of New 
Hampshire and Univ. of Connecticut 

"Insertions and duplications of mitochondrial DNA in the nuclear genomes of 
Old World monkeys and hominoids." Randall V. Collura, and Caro-Beth 
Stewart, SUNY Albany

"Ancestral Reconstructions of Primate Lysozyme Sequences."  
Walter Messier and Caro-Beth Stewart, SUNY Albany 

"Geminiviral Phylogenetics and Genome Evolution."  
James M. Bradeen and Joachim Messing, Rutgers University 

"Origins of the Aldolase Gene Family."  
Tanya Reichert, Boston University  

"Microsatellites and Mobile Elements."  
Jeffrey Markert, University of New Hampshire   

"Beyond sequence comparison: In vivo studies of functional conservation 
across phyla."  
Stuart Neufeld, Jonathon Graf, Douglas Melton, William Gelbart, Harvard 
"The vacuolar H+-ATPase from Giardia lamblia: a potential model for the 
study of the evolution of the first eukaryotes." 
Elena Hilario, J. Peter Gogarten, Univ. of Connecticut
"Phylogenetic analysis of the sweat bees (Halictidae: Halictini)using 
mitochondrial and nuclear gene sequences: preliminary results." 
Bryan N. Danforth, Univ. of Vermont 
"The evolutionary origin of green lacewings of the genus Chrysoperla:  
Testing alternativ hypothesis using molecular data."  
Marta Martinez Wells, Univ. of Connecticut  
"Reconstructing phylogenetic relationships among New Zeland cicadas using 
molecular data."   
Peter Arensburger, Univ. of Connecticut
"Molecular phylogeny of the Miletinae (Lepidoptera:Lycaenidae)" 
K. Sommer and N. Pierce, Harvard University 
"A molecular phylogenetic approach to studying life histories of the 
Riodinidae (Lepidoptera)."  
Dana Campbell, Harvard University 
"The evolution of allorecognition in protochordates."  
Sarah Cohen, Stanford University  

"Cre/lox in Drosophila: CREative FLiPping of a "waffle" to alleviate 
position effects on transposon insertions." 
Mark L. Siegal and Daniel L. Hartl, Harvard University  

"In vitro evolution of the M1 ribozyme: selection for DNA catalysis." 
Kyle Cole, Yale University 

"Reconstitution of cytogenetic domains with large-insert bacterial clones."  
Gualberto Ruano, Bios Laboratories, New Haven 

"Dientamoeba fragilis shares a recent common evolutionary history with the 
Jeff Silberman, C. Graham Clark and Mitchell L. Sogin, MBL Woods Hole 

"Selection, mtDNA polymorphism and the nearly neutral theory."  
David M. Rand, Brown University  

"Hobo transposable elements may be present in members of the Drosophila 
ananassae subgroup"  
Jackie Martineau, Dept of Biology, City College of New York 

"Naturally-Occurring Variation in Hobo Transposable Elements Among African 
Populations of Drosophila melanogaster and Drosophila simulans." 
Grace Gathungu,  Dept of Biology, City College of New York 

"Interspecific hybrids in Drosophila."  Hall Krider, Univ. of Connecticut   

"226 bp - A Spacer Odyssey." 
Martin Sommer, Angela Baldo, and Linda Strausbaugh, Univ. of Connecticut   

"DNA Architecture and the Evolution of Histone Repeats."  Jennifer Troyer, 
John Schienman, and Linda Strausbaugh, Univ. of Connecticut   

"PCR-based screens for polymorphisms in Connecticut aquaculture species."  
John Leamon, Jeff Southworth, Linda Strausbaugh, and Joe Crivello,Univ. of 


"To combine or not to combine: lessons from Anopheles mosquitoes." 
Adalgisa Caccone, Yale University   

"An improved amplification and sequencing strategy for phylogenetic studies 
using the mitochondrial large subunit rRNA gene." 
Alex Parker, University of Maine 

"Detecting Episodes of Adaptive Protein Evolution:  The Primate Lysozyme 
Case." Caro-Beth Stewart, SUNY Albany 

"Evaluation of the Validity of Photographic-Identification Techniques on 
Fin Whales (Balaenoptera physalus) in Population Studies Using 
Microsatellites." Daniel DenDanto, University of Maine 

"Testing for systematic congruence in a subgenus of neotropical mosquitos." 
James A. Danoff-Burg, Univ. of Vermont  

"Evaluation of Phylogenetically Informative Sequences", 
James Tang, University of Alabama at Birmingham 

"Using Phylogenetic Reconstruction in Drug Design", 
Ken Rice, Harvard University  

"Two Eukaryotic components of the universal genetic code translation 
machinery appeared after the eubacteria-eukarya separation." 
Lluis Ribas de Pouplana, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

"Genetic Correlates of Long term Population fluctuations in Atlantic 
Haddock on Georges Bank." Maureen Purcell, University of Maine  

"Beyond sequence comparison: In vivo studies of functional conservation 
across phyla." Stuart Neufeld, Harvard University 

"Powers of Ten: The evolution of R1 and R2 retrotransposable elements in 
Arthropoda." Warren C. Lathe III, University of Rochester 

"Molecular Evolution of the Palmae", 
William J. Hahn, Smithsonian Institution, Washington  

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