Phylogenetic compatative programs-shareware?

Warren Lathe madda at troi.cc.rochester.edu
Fri Sep 1 15:50:46 EST 1995

In <425ban$sgc at nntp3.u.washington.edu> joe at evolution.genetics.washington.edu (Joe Felsenstein) writes:

>In article <1995Aug31.153713.28804 at galileo.cc.rochester.edu>,
>Warren Lathe <madda at troi.cc.rochester.edu> wrote:
> (in response to an inquiry from Garry Larson about programs for comparison
>of sequences)
>>You can get PAUP from (http://www.genethon.fr/exterieur/bio_catal.html#PAUP) 
>>Phylip from (ftp://evolution.genetics.washington.edu/pub/) and other programs
>>from (gopher://megasun.BCH.UMontreal.CA:70/11/CMB/Phylogeny)

>I was amazed to hear that you could get PAUP by ftp and was sure David Swofford
>would be enraged to hear of this.  However on checking the site:


>I find that it contains instead a large and highly useful catalogue
>describing Molecular Biology computer programs.  The material on PAUP is a
>description of it (written by me, actually, and taken from my PHYLIP
>documentation).  So the "PAUP" that may have showed up in a keyword search
>wasn't a downloadable program.

Of course you are correct :).  It was in a list of sites I had saved over a
year ago.  It's been a while since I've checked.  
Of course, to receive PAUP, it can't be downloaded through the net :).  Sorry. 

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