DNA data - how useful is it realy?

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SEQUENCING THE GENOME 	is just what HAS to be done - not more. 
As we have the technology to do it, we have the moral duty to 
do it. But Ludwig Mortenberg is right: knowing the sequence of 
the genome is of little scientific value in terms of 
UNDERSTANDING the complexity of life. Even if we knew all 
genes, their structures and which gene intereacts with which 
one, we wounldn't be able to understand ontogenesis, 
pattern formation, differentiation and lastly (as a price that 
we pay for differentiation) oncogenesis. Too much focussing on 
the linear task of genome sequencing will lead to neglecting 
NON-linear thinking. NON-linearity is the key issue of all 
emergent properties such as LIFE itself.
The one-gene --> one phenotype paradigm, on which the HUGO 
project is based cannot explain the complexity of living 

You might read: 
R. Strohmann, Biotechnology 12 (1994), p. 156 and ref herein

Sui Huang
Surgical Research
Children's Hospital

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