Post-doctoral possibilities

Jim Garey garey at next.duq.edu
Mon Sep 4 11:30:08 EST 1995

I am looking for individuals interested in applying for a 
Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship in Molecular Evolution sponsored by 
the NSF and Sloan Foundation.  

I am funded for the next three years  to study the high level  phylogeny of nematodes and other 
lower metazoans using 18S rRNA sequence information.  My funding does 
not include a post-doctoral position, but I am interested in 
identifying someone who would work with me in applying for a 
NSF/Sloan foundation fellowship to work in my lab.  The applicant 
must be citizens or permanent residents of the US, and have earned 
the doctoral degree no earlier than 4 years before the application or 
later than June 30 after the application.  The application deadline 
is November 1, 1995.

     My laboratory has been working on Aschelminth phylogeny for the 
past three years using the 18S rRNA gene. We currently have two 
papers in press, and several other manuscripts working their way through 
various stages of review.

      Ideally, the applicant should be someone who's doctoral training is in 
morphological studies of nematodes or other lower metazoans but who 
wants to learn molecular techniques.  We could work together to 
produce a very convincing application. I believe the funding would 
start next summer or fall.  

     Anyone interested should contact me by email directly.

Jim Garey

Dr. James R. Garey
Department of Biological Sciences
Duquesne University
Pittsburgh, PA 15282

412-396-6322 (voice)
412-396-5907 (fax)
garey at next.duq.edu

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