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Tue Sep 5 15:37:46 EST 1995

Post-Doctoral Fellowship available for 2 years
Comparative developmental genetics of Molluscs/Protostomes in Dave Jacobs 
laporatory at UCLA.

We bring an evolutionary perspective to the study of developmental genetics.  
In particular, we investigate the role played by developmental genes in the 
early, geologically rapid, Cambrian evolution of animal morphology.  
Comparison of developmental gene expression between morphologically distinct 
kinds of organisms is the primary tool employed in the laboratory.  To this 
end we retrieved the engrailed  gene via PCR from all the major classes of 
molluscs.  We are now in the process of comparing the expression pattern of 
this gene through in situ hybridization studies in clams, snails and 

The successful applicant will continue studies of this nature, recovering 
developmentally important genes that can speak to issues of homology or 
morphologic evolution in disparate animal tax.   

Relevant molecular biology experience including in situ hybridization and 
DNA sequencing are desirable.  Funding is available for 2 years starting 
between 9/ 1/ 95 and 1/ 1/ 96.  If interested, contact me directly:

David K. Jacobs 
UCLA, Department of Biology
621 Circle Drive South
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1606
ph: 310 206-7885
email: djacobs at biology.lifesci.ucla.edu

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