Steve LaBonne and Mitochondrial genetic codes

Erich Schwarz schwarze.ccomail at starbase1.caltech.edu
Wed Sep 6 19:16:44 EST 1995

HPYockey told the entire world:

> When I got my Ph.D in physics at Berkeley one had to pass a test in
> reading French and German. Russian has been included at some universities.
> Although one of the results of World War II is that English has become a
> lingua franca, as Latin was in Sir Isaac Newton's time,  nevertheless, a
> knowledge of other languages is a mark of the educated person. By the same
> token, ignorance thereof is the mark of the uneducated. It is astonishing
> to me that one who represents himself as a post-doc is proud of his
> ignorance of languages other than English.

   Could you please confine this self-congratulatory style of writing to
e-mail, or at least to alt.flame?  Most of us here could probably post
stuff about ourselves that makes us look like philosopher-kings.  We
refrain from doing so because *genuine* philosopher-kings have better
things to do with their time.

   And how about the phylogenetic analyses indicating that mitochondrial
genetic codes are recent derivations, not ancient?

--Erich Schwarz

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