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>Back to the technical question of the hypothesis that the genetic code may
>have evolved from a doublet code in which the third nucleotide was silent.
>This was first proposed by Professor Thomas Jukes, Biochemical and
>Biophysical Research Communications v19, 391-396 (1965). He suggested
>codon reassignment in Microbiological Reviews v56 p229-264 (1992).  His
>proposed primitive doublet code in Cellular and Molecular Biology v39 p
>685-688 (1994) is identical to that in my Table 7.2. 

But this of course is in no way relevant to your claims that
nonstandard codes in mitochondria are primitive rather than derived.
You _do_ realize that, I hope?  It would be a shame if _you_ were
exhibiting such a crude misunderstanding in the very next breath after
accusing others of not understanding!  
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