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Fabrizio Vassallo (vassallo at cli.di.unipi.it) wrote:
: Hallo!
: Have anyone heard of relations betw. music & DNA?
: please post me

Yes, people have tried to convert biosequences to music.
A quick search of Medline found several citations by Susumo Ohno
and others:

	A song in praise of peptide palindromes. 
	Ohno S 
	Leukemia 7 Suppl 2: S157-9 (1993) 

	The all pervasive principle of repetitious
	recurrence governs not only coding sequence
	construction but also human endeavor in
	musical composition. 
	Ohno S; Ohno M 
	Immunogenetics 24: 71-8 (1986) 

	On periodicities governing the construction of genes and proteins. 
	Ohno S 
	Anim Genet 19: 305-16 (1988) 

	Repetition as the essence of life on this earth:
	music and genes. 
	Ohno S 
	Hamatol Bluttransfus 31: 511-8 (1987) 

	Modern coding sequences are in the
	periodic-to-chaotic transition. 
	Ohno S 
	Hamatol Bluttransfus 32: 512-9 (1989) 

	Translation to human temperaments of the
	tyrosine-kinase active site of the human insulin
	receptor beta-chain. 
	Busby D 
	Hamatol Bluttransfus 32: 520-6 (1989) 

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