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PAU*4.0 update
Here is an update on what is happening with PAUP*4.0; unfortunately, the 
publication has slipped. We are planning to distribute PAUP*4.0 in the fall 
of 1995 (late October or November). We had hoped to get it by late June, but 
the program's author, David Swofford, has decided to do a month of beta 
testing. This will mean that we will not get the program until September at 
the earliest. The production of the manual should take about 3 weeks, so we 
hope to have a program ready for distribution by late October or November. 
Once again, we apologize for the delays. I will notify you when we get 
closer to publication. At that time we will have set the price for PAUP and 
can supply you with ordering information. Again, we thank you for your 

Kerry Falvey

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