Postdoctoral position in molecular evolution

Tue Sep 12 12:09:32 EST 1995

Postdoctoral position in molecular evolution in laboratory of Barry G. Hall.

The Sloan Foundation and NSF have announced joint funding of postdoctoral 
fellowships in molecular evolution .  I am interested in sponsoring an applicant 
to conduct research on Adaptive (also called "directed", "selection-induced", or  
"Cairnsian") Mutations in E. coli.  Adaptive mutations occur by mechanisms 
different from the mechanisms that give rise  to random, growth-dependent 
mutations; occur in non-dividing or extremely slowly dividing cells; and appear 
to consist exclusively of "useful" mutations that allow cells to resume rapid 
growth.  I am interested both in testing existing models for the mechanisms to 
account for adaptive mutagenesis, in constructing and testing additional models, 
and in studying the roles of adaptive mutations in evolutionary processes.

Hall, B.G.  1994  Selection or mutation: Which, if either, comes first?  FEMS 
Microbiol. Lett. 117: 237-242.

Hall, B.G.  1995  Genetics of selection-induced mutations: I. uvrA, uvrB, uvrC, 
and uvrD are selection-induced specific mutator loci.  J. Mol. Evol. 40: 86-93.

Hall, B.G.  1995  Adaptive mutations in Escherichia coli as a model for the 
multiple mutational origin of tumors.  Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA  92:  

Candidates must have  received the Ph.D. degree after January 1, 1991 or 
anticipate receiving that degree before June 30, 1996.  The fellowship pays a 
stipend $28,000 per year, includes a $8000 allowance for supplies and travel, 
and has a possible start date between July 1, 1996 and January 1, 1997.    
Interested applicants should contact me prior to October 1, 1995 in order to 
complete the necessary application by the submission deadline of November 1, 
Barry G. Hall                         PHONE: (716) 275-0721
Biology Department                      FAX: (716) 275-2070
River Campus                         E-Mail: Bhall at bgh.biology.rochester.edu
University of Rochester
Rochester, NY 14627

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