Extracting DNA from frozen plasma

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Sat Sep 9 12:54:54 EST 1995

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>Are there any special precautions about that need to be taken when thawing
>out a blood sample (plasma) and then extracting DNA? 

is it spun down?  plasma is essentially "dilute" cells, so if its not spun
down i would spin it down and then put it in hot (65 degrees) lysis buffer. 
i wouldnt think that i could get dna , or at least concentrated dna from
unspun plasma.  if it has wb cells in it, you can probably still spin it down.

> Since the sample was
>frozen, I suspect that all the cells will be broken (from being frozen and
>thawed) and I thought that this could affect the high molecular weight DNA
>(due to DNAses..?) which could be a problem during a PCR reaction. Help.

no prob for pcr, unless you are doing long-pcr.  i usually shear my genomic
dna in a syringe w/a 18 gauge needle before pcr'ing it.  i would try an
unimportant  test frozen plasma sample first to see if the lysis method, (in
current protocols) works.  OR, you could always also use one of the
commercial methods.

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