Steve LaBonne and Mitochondrial genetic codes

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>Subject: Re: Steve LaBonne and Mitochondrial genetic codes
>From:  Hubert P. Yockey
>Note to lurkers: The opinions of someone who refuses to read what he is
>criticizing should be disregarded.

i lurk no more: wow.  personal insults aplenty.  is this group moderated? 
there is no reason for this type of behavior on the net.  look what these
guys write:

>Steve LaBonne [labonnes at csc.albany.edu wrote; [Date: 30 Aug 1995 21:43:13
>GMT] (or had written for him): 
>>> As Ludwig Wittgenstein was oft heard to say: "Wovon man nicht sprechen
>>> kann, darueber man muss schweigen. Steve: "Schweigen sie bitte bis sie
>>> Buch gelesen und verstanden haben." If you were multicultural you could
>>> read that!
>>I always thought the use of other languages was to express meaning
>>that one couldn't otherwise.  This serves only to obfuscate. 
>>Just remember that your ability to express yourself in multiple
>>languages could also allow you to communicate your ignorance to
>>a larger audience.
>(Now comes the confession!)
>In case anybody who doesn't understand German (I have just a
>smattering) really _was_ wondering what Hubert was saying, herewith a
>translation: " 'Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must remain
>silent'.  Steve: 'Please shut up until you have read and understood my
>book'".  To which I reply, in the spirit of "multiculturalism": "Allez
>au diable, vieux farceur, meme si j'etais riche jamais je ne donnerais
>pas un sou pour votre fichu livre." ;-)
>By the way, thanks for an enlightening post.  I hadn't read Hubert's
>"account" of the origin of mitochondria carefully enough to fully
>register how seriously weird it really is. I wonder if he'd like to
>present some evidence for this scenario and/or against the widely
>accepted relationship of mitochondria to the purple bacteria.
>Of course, he'll probably just reiterate that he doesn't believe in
>phylogeny. ;-)
>Dear Steve LaBonne: 
>Not even clever or original: Translation: "Go to the devil, old joker, I
>shall never be so rich as to give a sou for your pitiful book." Indeed you
>will never be rich; one of the injustices of this age is that a house-maid
>makes more money than a post-doc in molecular biology. Being a house-maid
>is an honorable occupation, but it doesn't require much education.
>Certainly it doesn't require knowledge of more than one language. 
>I do indeed tell jokes and refer to literary allusions in my voluminous
>writings. My daughter tells me that they are over the heads of some
>readers who are not as well-read. Steve seems to agree. Obviously, he is
>ignorant of Aesop's fables. I'll give you a hint: it has to do with sour
>When I got my Ph.D in physics at Berkeley one had to pass a test in
>reading French and German. Russian has been included at some universities.
>Although one of the results of World War II is that English has become a
>lingua franca, as Latin was in Sir Isaac Newton's time,  nevertheless, a
>knowledge of other languages is a mark of the educated person. By the same
>token, ignorance thereof is the mark of the uneducated. It is astonishing
>to me that one who represents himself as a post-doc is proud of his
>ignorance of languages other than English. 
> Steve LaBonne is described perfectly by the philosopher-longshoreman Eric
>Hoffer [The True Believer Harper and Rowe 1951] page 79 " We can be
>absolutely certain only about things we do not understand." Thus Steve is
>protected by a fact-proof screen and refuses to read what he is
>criticizing. Perhaps that is just as well. I introduce the reader to the
>mysteries of matrix algebra in order to understand the evolution by a
>Markov chain of Cys and Trp codons to an absorbing state such as UGA.
>Perhaps matix algebra is over his head. 
>"Thought would destroy their paradise. No more;-where ignorance is bliss,
>'Tis folly to be wise." (Thomas Gray, Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton
>Back to the technical question of the hypothesis that the genetic code may
>have evolved from a doublet code in which the third nucleotide was silent.
>This was first proposed by Professor Thomas Jukes, Biochemical and
>Biophysical Research Communications v19, 391-396 (1965). He suggested
>codon reassignment in Microbiological Reviews v56 p229-264 (1992).  His
>proposed primitive doublet code in Cellular and Molecular Biology v39 p
>685-688 (1994) is identical to that in my Table 7.2. 
>I remember J. Robert Oppenheimer saying that theoreticians experiment with
>ideas. Every experiment in the laboratory is not successful and neither is
>every idea advanced and explored by theoreticians.  Progress can only be
>made by exploring various ideas; but each must be explored. Whether the
>non-standard genetic codes evolved from a primitive doublet code by a
>Markov process or by reassigning codons is a technical matter. Perhaps
>some of both occurred. This question doesn't deserve a tantrum. 
>This exchange of compliments obscures the purpose of this newsgroup to
>discuss technical matters. I suggest that further exchange of compliments
>be conducted in talk.origins where average I.Q is much lower on the
>Avez vous la bonne chance, Hubert P. Yockey

i repeat :
wow.  personal insults aplenty.  is this group moderated?  there is no
reason for this type of behavior on the net. 

you sure are a nifty-guy-alright.  any opinion i might have formulated about
you from your "literary allusions in [your] voluminous writings" and
anything else you might say is certainly tainted by you childish behavior. 
and as they say.."ni shuo hua bu hao tin.  ni bu hao."

look how much better i am than you.  can we go back to some relative
semblance of science?

"zaijian", ralph

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