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Jan T. Kim <kim at mpiz-koeln.mpg.de> wrote:
>I am looking for software to interactively design the layout of phylogenetic
>trees. The program should be able to read PHYLIP treefiles (New Hampshire
>format) and allow the positioning of branches and subtrees to resolve
>    I would prefer a package with source code that compiles on Unix systems
>with X, and that includes a specification of the layout format, so I could
>write own programs to create layouts which could then be further refined

This is almost a perfect description of the very nice X windows program
TreeTool.  Here is a description of it, from my PHYLIP documentation and
from our Web-borne phylogeny software list

"Mike Maciukenas, at the Department of Microbiology of the University
of  Illinois, has written a wonderful X-windows based interactive tree-plotting
program called TreeTool.  It takes as input a PHYLIP  tree  file,  with  branch
lengths  if  they  are provided, displays the tree in either rooted or unrooted
form on any X-windows screen, and allows the user to modify  the  form  of  the
tree and the placement of nodes and labels.  When the tree is in final form the
user can have it written to a Postscript file and/or printed to  a  Postscript-
compatible  printer.   TreeTool  is  free  as  a C program for X windows and is
available   for   anonymous   ftp   from ftp.bio.indiana.edu in   directory

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