PAUP 4.0

Yves Bertheau bertheau at inapv.inapg.inra.fr
Fri Sep 15 11:07:39 EST 1995

ED at molbiol.uct.ac.za ("Ed Rybicki") wrote:

>Here is an update on what is happening with PAUP*4.0; unfortunately, the 
>publication has slipped. We are planning to distribute PAUP*4.0 in the fall 
>of 1995 (late October or November). We had hoped to get it by late June, but 
>the program's author, David Swofford, has decided to do a month of beta 
>testing. This will mean that we will not get the program until September at 
>the earliest. The production of the manual should take about 3 weeks, so we 
>hope to have a program ready for distribution by late October or November. 
>Once again, we apologize for the delays. I will notify you when we get 
>closer to publication. At that time we will have set the price for PAUP and 
>can supply you with ordering information. Again, we thank you for your 

Would this new version be available for Unix (e.g. Solaris 2.3)?


		Yves Bertheau

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