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You just took the first step to a better life.

First of all, this is a legitimate Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)
business that has been around for 13 years with more than 200,000
distributors.  (Note: Less than 5% of MLM’s survive their second

We at Newfound Energy can show you how to gain:
	Health/weight loss
	Physical energy
	Mental clarity and alertness
	A network of distributors that --we build for you!!--
	Financial freedom ($500- $1500/ month in 6-12 months)
	Satisfaction of charity contribution (see 10% solution below)

The above list of benefits will change your life -- It sure changed

Check out our home page, this business will stand the scrutiny of

Newfound Energy with Cell Tech

We are independent distributors of Super Blue Green Algae (c) (SBGA)
produced by Cell Tech (c).  SBGA is the most pure form of Algae on the
market.  Cell Tech (c) offers a complete line of products (based on
SBGA).  It is harvested from a lake in the pristine Cascade Mountains
in Oregon.  All nutrients are quickly locked into the tablets and
capsules by a patented process.  As a result, our bodies can easily
absorb this source of protein, enzymes, and vitamins.

As a distributor, you can consume this algae at wholesale  prices (30
% off) and enjoy the benefit of this super-food.  Many distributors do
not resell the product, they simply consume the product and tell their
friends and family about the results.  As they see the improvement in
your health, energy, and financial freedom they will be curious and
check it out for themselves.  Therefore, a network can be built with
little to no time or effort.  Additionally, we can build your downline
for you.

We build downlines.  Through a unique program offered by our upline,
you can simply consume the product ($50/month) and watch your business
grow automatically.  That’s right, the plan (The Guarantee Plan) has
been in effect for more than 1 year and has produced many wealthy
people.  References and copies of checks are available upon request
(see source of more info. below).  By the way, using this
program(letting us build your network for you), you can expect to
break even ($50/month) in 2-4 months; from then on, you get the algae
for free (no money out of your pocket).  

Due to an excellent network plan, distributors receive the following
benefits over other MLM’s:
	1.  Commission checks come directly to distributor from Cell Tech 
		- no writing of checks for your downline
		- no tracking of points/money of your downline!!!!!
	2.  Orders are sent from Cell Tech (c) directly to the distributor
		- receive in two days (other MLM’s can take up to 14 days)
		- no more weekly meetings at your house
		- no need to collect an inventory for your downline
	3.  Low cost of marketing supplies
		- tapes cost from 65 cents to a $1/ea 
		  (other MLM’s tapes could cost up to $5/ea)
		- videos cost from $1.50-$6
		  (other MLM’s videos could cost $5-$25/ea)
		- cheap brochures and visual aids
	4.  Low cost of product, low overhead for you.
		- only $50/6 months of purchases are required to stay active 
		- $50/ month requirement  to receive commission check
		   (other MLM’s monthly requirement could exceed $150)
	5.  Clean reputation
		- unlike some other MLM’s you will feel proud to tell
		   people you distribute a line of Health and Nutrition
   		   products (based on algae) and produced by Cell Tech (c).
	6.  Requirements of higher levels of commission bonus must 
	     only be met once
		- once you get promoted, you rate that level’s bonus 
		  percentage -- forever.
	7.  Unique product
	       	There is only one Super Blue Green Algae because no other  	
		environment on earth duplicates the wild and fertile ecology of 
		Klamath Lake.  By comparison, commercial freshwater Spirulina and 
		Chlorella must be grown in man-made ponds, under artificially 
		controlled conditions.  In 	these ponds the algae receives a
		quantity of minerals and, more important, a far narrower range of
		nonorganic minerals.	

	8.  Health, energy and time to do more of what you want!

Consider all of these factors when comparing this MLM with others.

Finally, you will have the sense of satisfaction that comes with
contributing to charity.  Cell Tech (c) committed in 1992 to help feed
the masses and introduced the 10% Solution program.  From then on, 10%
of the yearly harvest will go “to people who have the greatest need
and the fewest resources.”  The following projects are now underway: 
	Los Angeles (Cultivating Self-Worth in an Urban War Zone)
	American Indian Family Healing Center 
For more information, please contact me: Allen A. Harper
email: newfound at vistech.net

At least check out our home page, this business will stand the
scrutiny of investigation.  Don’t waste time.


or call Newfound Energy at 1-800-519-0013

PS: “wise men and women simply investigate what fools pass by...”

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