Tue Sep 19 13:34:18 EST 1995

*******************PRE-DOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS ***********************

*******************IN PLANT MOLECULAR BIOLOGY**********************

The Department of Biology at Indiana University-Bloomington has three
predoctoral fellowships available to work in plant molecular biology
laboratories.  These fellowships are funded in part by the USDA National
Needs Plant Biotechnology Fellowship program, and provide a stipend of
$17,000 per year + tuition, health insurance and fees, for a total support
of $27,000 per year. Fellowship recipients must be citizens or permanent
residents of the U.S.  The fellowship awardees can choose to work in any of
the following laboratories:

Carl Bauer: Genetic analysis of chlorophyll biosynthesis; regulation of
photosynthesis gene expression by light and oxygen; phototaxis

Mark Estelle: Genetic and molecular analysis of hormone action in Arabidopsis.

Roger Hangarter:  Plant physiology, the interaction of light, gravity, and
hormones in regulating plant development.

Roger Innes: Molecular genetics of plant-pathogen interactions.

C. Cheng Kao: Mechanisms of plant-virus, and plant-bacteria interactions.

Jeffrey Palmer: Molecular evolution; Origin and evolution of introns and
plant organelle genomes.

Robert Togasaki: Carbon assimilation and responses to oxidative stress in
Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Mimi Zolan: Meiosis and DNA repair; Fungal genetics and genome evolution.

More information regarding the research interests of the faculty, Ph. D
degree programs and an application to the Department of Biology can be
obtained at our web site ****http://www.bio.indiana.edu/**** or  by writing

Gretchen Clearwater,
Administrative Assistant
National Needs Fellowships Program
Department of Biology
Jordan Hall 138
Indiana University
Bloomington, IN  47405

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