research Drosophila populations

Higuet higuet at ccr.jussieu.fr
Thu Sep 21 06:16:16 EST 1995

In the eighties, we have studied a great number of natural populations of 
Drosophila melanogaster in regard to the PM system of hybrid dysgenesis. 
Ten years later, we would like to realise a similar analysis on worldwide 
natural populations captured after 1992. Would it be possible for you to 
supply us with addresses of laboratories or scientist that would be 
likely to detain such Drosophila strains ? Of course, if strains recently 
collected in natural populations (maintained as isofemale lines or in 
masse culture) were available in your laboratory or nearby, we would be 
grateful if you could send samples to us. We would also need the date and 
country of capture, together with the number of fles at the origin of the 

My address: 	D. HIGUET 
	Institute Jacques Monod
	Laboratoire Dynamique du Genome et Evolution
	2, place Jussieu
	Tour 42 - 4eme etage
	75251 Paris cedex 05

Thank you very much in advance.

Sincerely yours.

Dominique Higuet.

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