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In article <DFBy7D.Lwo at ipswichcity.qld.gov.au>, Laszlo <laszlo at gil.ipswichcity.qld.gov.au> says:
>If your interested in EVOLUTION, we've just posted a FREE BOOKLET on the 
>subject of Divine Creation and Evolution that you might like to have.  
>Its a quick read and we'd like your feedback.
>Alan Metcalfe

These are the first few lines of the above mentioned page

'No Debate in History has so Effected the Course of Humanity.
If those who believe in the evolution of humanity are right, 
then there is no God. If they are wrong,
  then the promotion of the theory of evolution is at least 
the greatest scientific blunder since the
 claim that the world was flat.'

I think am in right in saying that the claim that the world 
was flat was not a scientific claim and was based on superstition.
Indeed it was scientific thought that proved that the world is a sphere.
I wonder how many other blatant misrepresentations of the facts this 
'FREE BOOKLET' relies upon to prove the unprovable.

Guy Reeves
University of Newcastle upon Tyne
R.Guy.Reeves at ncl.ac.uk

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