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The Plant Biological Sciences graduate program at the University of 
Minnesota will award USDA National Needs Fellowships for doctoral students 
interested in Plant Biotechnology.  The Fellowship awards provide an annual
stipend of $17,000 for 3 years plus tuition waiver.  An additional 2 years 
of support will be available from the graduate program. Applicants must be 
US citizens or US nationals and have an interest in training and a career 
in some aspect of plant biotechnology. Completed applications must be 
received by January 15, 1996.

To obtain application forms and additional information please
contact: Plant Biological Sciences Program Secretary
       University of Minnesota
       220 Bioscience Center 
       1445 Gortner Avenue
       St. Paul, MN 55108-1095
       email: krogh001 at maroon.tc.umn.edu

Participating faculty and major research interests:
       Judith Berman          -   Structure and functional role of telomeres
                                  in yeast and plants
       Robert Brambl          -   Biochemistry and molecular biology of
                                  mitochondrial development and heat shock
                                  protein expression
       William Bushnell       -   Genetic and molecular characterization of 
                                  cereal rusts
       Anath Das              -   Molecular mechanisms of DNA transfer from
                                  Agrobacterium tumefaciens to plants
       John Doebley           -   Molecular evolution of maize and its 
                                  distinguishing morphological traits
       Stephen Gantt          -   Molecular biology of nitrogen fixation and
                                  plastid ribosomal proteins and chaperonins
       Burle Gengenbach       -   Molecular genetics and transformation to
                                  modify amino acid and lipid synthesis
       John Gronwald          -   Biochemistry and molecular biology of
                                  herbicide resistance mechanisms and
                                  metabolic pathways
       Wesley Hackett         -   Physiology and molecular biology of
                                  juvenility/maturity phase shifts
       Robert Jones           -   Role of phytohormones and heat stress in 
                                  cereal endosperm development
       David Marks            -   Developmental and molecular mechanisms of 
                                  cellular differentiation
       Georgiana May          -   Molecular characterization, evolution and 
                                  population genetics of fungal mating type 
       Neil Olszewski         -   Molecular studies of Commelina yellow 
                                  mottle virus and gibberellin signal
       Ronald Phillips        -   Molecular cytogenetics, genome mapping
                                  and tissue-culture induced genetic 
       Howard Rines           -   Transformation and tissue culture in
                                  cereals, gene mapping and transfer in oat x
                                  corn crosses
       Irwin Rubenstein       -   Molecular characteristics of expression
                                  and organization of the zein multigene
       Carolyn Silflow        -   Molecular genetics of Chlamydomonas and
                                  tubulin gene families in plants
       D. Peter Snustad       -   Developmental regulation of tubulin gene
       Alan Smith             -   Gene expression specific to flower and
                                  fruit development
       David Somers           -   Molecular genetics and transformation for
                                  modification of crop plants
       Carroll Vance          -   Developmental and molecular biology of
                                  nitrogen assimilation in legumes
       Sue Wick               -   Structure and regulation of plant
                                  cytoskeleton development
Burle Gengenbach
University of Minnesota
Dept. Agronomy & Plant Genetics
1991 Buford Circle
St. Paul, MN 55108-6026
612-625-6282; FAX 612-625-1268

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