The Third Testament

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"The Third Testament." 


In this book I attempt to decipher what we, as human beings, consider to be 
life.  All facets of life including social, biological, historical, an speculative 
references are included within this text.  What makes this text unique is my 
point of reference, a creator of code.  The focus of many parts of this text 
comes from my experience with computers.  I am a university student with a 
wide variety of academic interests ( history, anthropology, sociology, 
philosophy, computer programming, physics, biological & earth sciences ).  
These various interests along with my life experiences and my constant 
search for an Absolute Truth have lead me to formulate this observation about 
all Existence.  I urge you to read through this text with an open mind.  


Starting from an overview of life from an universal standpoint.

Chapter 1: The Ongoing Conquest of Life:

To explore the conquest of life we must go back to the begining of the life 
cycle for a star starting from its death.  A star's energy being almost fully 
depleted of its resources implodes in on itself (possible collision of atoms in a 
specific fashion).  Now we've got a black hole, which sucks all the mass its 
gravitational force comes in contact with, especially light (energy, EMS).  
This energy will be accumulated until the black hole has reached its boiling 
point (reaching critical mass), until the energy is boiling over the threshold.  
Once this is achieved a reaction will take place.  One proposition would be a 
catalyst to make this black hole explode in order to form a new star.  The 
second proposition (on a completely different level of thought) would be two 
separate blocks of space, dark and light matter.  pouring through the black 
hole the light matter on our side turns to the dark matter on the other.  Going 
on to the first proposed theory, the black hole has now exploded and the star 
has regenerated itself.  The explosion forms the star and bits of the matter 
from the explosion explode away from the star forming what we call planets.  
The matter cools and the stars gravity keeps the planets within its hold.  
	Now for the concept.  The star burns bright and gives off the energy 
accumulated while in the black hole stage.  Once it has used up most of its 
matter it begins to grow and envelope the matter within its reach, i.e. the 
planets.  Once these resources are gone, the cycle begins again.  The planets, 
having their own resources accumulate bacteria that live off of it, excluding 
the life forms that have been produced by the planet.  Bacteria travels from 
other, what we call galaxies, to find a planet with a bevy of resources which it 
can consume.  The life forms on this planet are like barnacles on a boat  in the 
scheme of things, being absorbed eventually by the star, that is if they are not 
intelligent enough to adapt and leave the system to survive.  Adaptation and 
Survival are what it is all about.  One big cycle.
	Another possible proposed theory is that the stars are cells in another 
larger body, and the black holes are like lymph nodes carrying energy/matter 
back to the heart that pumps it throughout the body again.


The cycle which we can best relate to is our own.  The following is a Project, 
if you will, would be made possible by a government or organization which 
constitutes the political structure/leadership of the species.  This Project 
would be classified as a state expansion by anthropologists, survival of the 
fittest by Nietzsche or Version 1.2 by computer programmers.  

Note: The relation to code in Project R & R is a reference to something along 
the same lines as that of computer code ( ex - assembly  ).  See Chapter 3  - 
The electromagnetic Spectrum: The Language of Life. for a more detailed 

Chapter  2: Project Relocation and Reproduction

65 million years ago a meteor hit this place we call "Earth" killing off all the 
Dinosaurs.  This was no ordinary meteor it was a specially designed craft 
which exploded on the planet's surface on impact.  More in the sense of an 
large meteor than a craft, yet what it contained within would bring new 
inhabitants to the planet, bacteria if you will.  The large meteorite that hit the 
gulf of Mexico.  Then there were chemicals released into the air which caused 
the atmosphere to change.  The life which could adapt adapted ( RESEARCH 
ADAPTED ORGANISMS); all other life died because they could not survive in 
the changing atmosphere.  Then from the meteor a living "bacteria" was released 
onto the planet's surface.  This bacteria probably thrived in the water at first.  
Maybe because it was easier to flourish there.  The first phase..."Planting the 

This bacteria to the planet started to develop.  It grew.  Ever changing and 
adapting to the atmosphere.  Every time the planet came up with a "vaccine" 
to this bacteria, some of the bacteria was killed off.  The "strong" ( THE 
RIGHT COMBINATION: CODE*) survived and adapted to those changes.  
Finally, the bacteria developed into "Man" because of the conditions the 
planet (i.e.- atmospheric & environmental conditions, other enemy planet 
organisms, and primary code within the bacteria specified it to take this 
form).  This was a very (in our time frame) slow development.  The planet 
also came up with combating organisms to "fight" off the bacteria; however, 
previous organisms, both bacterial and planet, had very basic instincts.  These 
instincts developed into more complex, lengthy instruction (CODE) as "time" 
went on because of the survival needs of each bacterial organism. 

Studying a foreign organism in the human body, one will discover what 
happens when there is a standstill:  the remission of a cancer;  or more 
specifically a organ transplant. When an organ is placed in the body, special 
drugs are given to the recipient allowing the new organ to be accepted by the 
body.  These immune inhibitor drugs sometimes allow other bacteria/cancers 
to grow within the body that would not normally do so.  In a sense, there is a 
breakdown in the code.  A security oversight.  For instance putting someone's 
A.T.M. card in a bank machine and not needing a P.I.N. (Personal Security 
Code).  Complete access to the system.  This is what allowed the bacteria to 
settle on the planet.  Breaking through the planet's defenses ( ex - atmosphere 
layers: meteors usually burn up; current hostile life forms on planet would not 
normally allow a foreign agent to settle on the planet and develop: dinosaurs; 
etc. )  Once detected by the body, after the drugs wear off, if the patient has 
survived this far, will the body now accept the organ as its own, using it as it 
did the old, or reject it.

Once detected by the planet the bacteria will be fought off unless the 
code/functionality is identical.  This is not so in the case of Earth, the bacteria 
is a foreign agent that wishes to consume the planets resources, depleting it 
until the planet is barren ( i.e.-mars ).  The planet tries many defenses, just 
like an enemy force being discovered behind enemy lines.  How can the 
planet attack this foreign bacteria.  The planet, as a living entity, needs to 
discover the bacterial security code to interact with it, then kill it.  The 
bacteria would come from whatever comes from the ground, whatever grows 
from the planet would be used either directly or indirectly to kill off the 
bacteria.  This could be plants from the ground that secrete "anti-bacteria" or 
viruses in the air, or  it could be indirectly related like if we eat another 
animal that eats, inhales, drinks, etc. the "anti-bacteria".  The fight gets more 
and more complex in nature( More intricate and complex code) as time 
elapses, unless either the planets resources become depleted or the bacteria 
dies out.  For example complex codes forces bacteria that has divided 
(multiplied) to work in unison to combat certain "anti-bacteria".  Social 
structures become necessary to compartmentalize tasks so the collective can 
produce more efficiently, the forming of state societies.

History will have to be our guide for the rest of  the story of  the bacterial 

The initial conquest of  the bacteria  started many millennia ago. Now we will 
focus on  why the bacteria arrived in the first place.  I have a few theories 
about what and why it occurred.  The belief in an outside force that acted 
either as a catalyst or actually started the initial beginnings of Man is one 

Part 2 Reproduction/Conditioning

The Xn organism (know to many as aliens/grays) have been cited to be of 
similar structure to Man.  The bacteria on the planet, man, could be a early 
stage of development of the Xn organism.  Organism Xn could have 
advanced  to the point of discovering the technology   (DECRYPT THE 
MASTER CODE, well above us, but not that far ahead ) to replicate the 
process of the creation of their life.  Then for reproduction (the reason for 
life) and expansion purposes did Project Relocation and Reproduction.  
Organism Xn sent hundreds of meteors throughout the universe to possible 
expansion colonies.  With their understanding of the MASTER CODE they 
can sustain life indefinitely to go to outer reaches of the universe to study the 
process of Recreation (at first),  to enhance themselves (learning new codes), 
testing experiences(writing new programs) or finding solutions to codes ( 
viruses ( i.e.- AIDS ) ) because they themselves are a dying breed.  This is 
like we do with animals.  We consider them without souls ( Christianity ** ) 
if they do not take the form of the human body  Just like a bacteria in a dish 
we often grow and study.  Or finally assimilation and control of a population( 
their creation which we will now refer to as Y1) to do their bidding (feed on 
resources).  The other possibility would just be to condition the Y1(bacteria) 
just as a parent would to its child.  Teach them so one day they to will go out 
in the world to continue their existence.

**   = NOTE: The morals could be created by Organism Xn.  These ideals 
possibly fabricated by the Xn organisms could be for any of  the above 
reasons.  The whole sect could have been created by an Xn organism. 

For further thought while reading this book.

* Virtual Reality. . .the downfall of man or the discovery of life.

* Government intervention with slowing down the process of technology 
advancement by inhibiting companies to produce and discover better 
technology ( MORE CODE ) leaves me to believe that there is foul play.

* Doubtful but possible interaction with Organism Xn and the United States 
Federal Government ( M. I.(Military Intelligence, possibly the first to 
discover Organism Xn in our society), C.I.A., and other branches of the 
government ).

* See Project Philadelphia (experiment) not the fabricated time travel rumors, 
but the real experiments in learning, advancing with more code to understand 
what language and input/output devices that Organism Xn uses to 
control/condition population.

* Discovery of a faster processor, larger storage capacity, and receivers 
capable to receive a signal that fast.  See Human body.  Understanding of 
how the senses work and replication of those senses.  Using Virtual Reality 
as a tool to accomplish this.

* Organism Xn could be a dying breed because of pollution in their original 
environment          ( Planet X1 or Q(arbitrary) or an epidemic that vastly 
eradicated their race (defeated by previous planet) and they sought to 
reproduction through technology sustaining their race.  

* Choosing a planet -  This planet will be rich in life, containing all their 
necessities to survive, rich in atmospheric gases which they need.  It may not 
contain the proper balance; however, that could be altered very easily.  Xn 
Organism could send out multiply meteors to various planets throughout the 
galaxy, possibly the universe, then monitor their progress throughout the 
stages of evolution. 

* I believe that there must be interaction between the Xn organism and the Y1 
organism for conditioning purposes, direction and focus for developmental 

* A belief "THE CREATOR" is essential for proper conditioning.
* A belief in ideals and principles that shape the test organisms is essential for 
proper conditioning.

* Christianity, I believe, is the method to which the Xn organism is doing part 
of the conditioning.  Carefully set ideals, principles and actual actions that 
take place by those considered holy of that sect.  Human reactions to these 
"Conditioning Codes" were also taken into consideration by Organism Xn 
before they were conveyed to Man.

* Did this planet belong to another species before the coming of the Organism 
Xn.  Did it belong to another species like that of the reptile family. Did that 
species also come here originally, planting its seed of life.  Development for 
this species happened over the course of millions of years...from the small 
reptiles then they got bigger and bigger.  Until we have the Tyrannosaurus 
Rex.  Then they got smaller and developed into more intelligent creatures.  
They probably used this intelligence, not to solve the meaning of life, but 
probably used this intelligence to hunt.  They probably hunted for pleasure, 
not for food; although they probably had a snack when they were done.  Did 
they ever evolve beyond this point.  Possibly... Or did we snuff out there 
existence before they had a chance to develop.  Did the species Rn come 
back and find there species...Their evolution snuffed out.  Was there a war.  
Were there also other species involved.  Is this the way all species recreate 
themselves right before their life cycle ends or are we the only species that 

Project Reproduction & Relocation ( ver 2.0 ) - Evolpe Corporation - I 

Chapter 3  - The electromagnetic Spectrum: The Language of Life.

	Just as Assembly language in computers helps people, computer 
programmers, to communicate with the computer, the Central Processing 
Unit, electromagnetic Frequencies of the Spectrum can be used to program, 
communicate, and manipulate life.  

The Interface: Programming the Human Mind

What is a life?  Life is made up of a collection of experiences throughout the 
course of the life span of the being/entity.  To fully understand the mind we 
must compare it to the IBM Personal Computer Architecture.  A computer 
has inputs and outputs just as we, the human being does.  We have our sense 
of touch, taste, hear, smell, and sight.  We also have the sense of balance 
within our heads ( The thing that makes us sick after a roller coaster ).  Point 
being, a combination of these senses at a certain period in time will be 
recorded as an experience in our brains.  Once input is feed into our brain 
(CPU), we will produce a response pending the input and prior experiences 
relating to these inputs, even no action is a form of action.
	If we like snow ( maybe we are skiers ), then snowing - The input of 
sight and touch - might trigger a smile response.  Or if we are extremely 
hungry and deprived of food for days and are shown food, a salvatory 
response might be produced.
	I propose that our brains are very fast, high capacity computers that 
control our body's functions, the ones we are aware of ( ex - speaking ) m and 
the ones we are not aware of ( Heart beating ).  All of these functions have 
been programmed into our brains, either by our programming ( ex - 
conditioning of our parents, or self taught ) or are pre-programmed into our 
system( brain) just like buying a computer that comes with its own 
	I further propose that with direct input programming we can further 
program ourselves to do anything we desire, just as if it was in the operating 
system - the preprogrammed material - breathing, pumping blood to the brain, 
etc. This direct interface does not need to be done through direct physical 
contact of the brain.  It could be done through the eyes.  Using the 
electromagnetic spectrum, we can program any functions ( Any Algorithms ) 
into the brain.  When we have full knowledge of the brain and its secreting 
glands we can combat any diseases through internal control without out the 
need through any medicine but our own internal organs.  Like AIDS, we can 
program the brain to constantly create new white blood cells to fight the 
disease, or even create a new cell to combat the disease, as good as the 
programmer (DEBUGGER) is will be as well as we survive.  
	Further I propose that we can create new glands in the body before 
birth without any surgical procedures necessary.  Possibly through during the 
early stages of the embryo the mother can be subjected to the programming 
and there must be a part of the woman's brain that is designed so that the 
umbilical cord passes fluids and possibly information to the child.  Actually 
scratch that, there is a part of the brain that talks to the ovaries ( Egg 
Factories)  Possibly alter the production of the embryos (information in the 
egg about mother's genetic makeup).  This can also be done to the male 
sperm.  I would believe that this would be done prior to puberty.  Or since the 
male does this constantly, The brain could tell particular glands to produce a 
particular genetic makeup.

Addition to previous text: It is not really 'Light' that will interface with the 
brain through the eyes(in I/O device) but different frequencies along the 
electromagnetic spectrum that is the language, similar to assembly language 
in computers, that creates, destroys and controls life.

Chapter 4 - Evolution: The Plight of Man

Once the Advanced stage is realized, I can only theorize how realization of 
self affected Xn (The Evolved-Almost Compete)

Definition of The Evolved Almost Complete Xn - the achievement of 
complete knowledge of self: understanding technically how we work ( the 
brain, all inputs, outputs, pain, pleasure, glands, all the operations of the Brain 
including heart pumping, breathing, etc.) 

Once this knowledge is achieved in the Y1, the technology can be built to 
interface with Xn to communicate with them; however, with this new 
acquired knowledge, there also comes desires.  New Boundaries calls for new 
desires to explore those boundaries, Reproduction of the Life Cycle.  

Once the next evolutionary stage is completed the desire to reproduce life will 
also insue.  Start life cycle over would be the desire of the newly evolved, 
taking us for example we would be Yn.  Possibly we might not be able to  
reproduce naturally	(Dying Race).  There would be a desire to use knowledge 
acquired for what it was designed for, the replenishment of the life cycle as 
well as the conditioning, maintenance and upkeep of the Species (with the 
acquired knowledge of total control of the body).  Therefore there would be a 
transference of knowledge (if not total immortality) from Xn to their creation 
Y1 .  Xn is the guardians of the species, until the Y1 achieves the same 
knowledge as they.

That was one scenario.There is a second possible scenario:

  * The desire to be G-d.

The selfish desire to play G-d.  Thinking now, once achieved the knowledge 
is there's, Xn  controls the Y1  as a lab experiment.  Able to control all 
environmental conditions as well as actual reading of thoughts through a 
certain frequency not yet discovered by Y1.  .  Another input/output device 
the Y1  are not conscience of, yet.  Mind control, Playing not G-d, but the 
Devil as a creator.  

I would not like to believe the second alternative is so; however, I must bring 
a third alternative to the table.

The first possibility is true, along with another factor.  The Y1  factor.  At a 
certain point in time, Y1 will become aware of the other input/outputs they 
were previously unaware of.  Not all Y1 will discover the I/O; a small group 
perhaps, natural selection.  This group could share this advantage with others 
of there group or keep their new found knowledge for themselves ( This 
would be to their advantage over all others in their species).  They could 
manipulate others as well as a host of other functions.  

This possibility could be occurring currently within the US. Government, 
specifically ( R & D, in the Military division ). 

Advanced Technology - Whatever is thought and unsaid could be understood 
through an I/O all can be understood, unknown to Y1 now, the input of the 
Eyes also is an I/O device or at least the Eyes can be used as an input device 
that we have never thought of using them like this way before.  From a 
"Machine/Computer" with an output device designed to send certain waves or 
frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum (somewhere between light 
waves, alpha waves, etc.)  These Ws/Fs can be consistently designed by a 
"Machine/Computer" through a custom designed algorithm, specifically to tell 
the brain, give the brain commands, just as in the pumping of the heart (can 
help heart conditions), or respiratory, or (Have a cold?)  You can 
automatically design an algorithm to fight colds or disease or aging!  
However, this can also be used to associate pain stimuli or pleasure stimuli to 
a specific task, so it can be avoided or desired.  For example bad habits, want 
to quit smoking?  Before this technology can be fully utilized the brain must 
be mapped out accordingly:

Following the guidelines of the computer:
	The first thing that needs to be defined is the Internal ROM.  The gray 
matter that tells your heart to pump, etc. (Internal functions that don't have to 
be thought of every time your heart pumps, ( ex- also gland secretions, white 
blood cells fighting a disease, etc.))   The brain also uses algorithms to 
perform these operations.  Deciphering the code is the issue.  Mapping out all 
wave (ex- alpha) as well as electrical impulses emitted from the brain.  Form 
these into some type of language , computer code.   
	Next a format needs to be discovered on how the brain records 
information, from the birth (the begining of recording information), how that 
input is interpreted and how that information affects future output decisions 
and the perception of further instances involving similar objects.

The understanding of all the concepts in the universe must go back to the 
simplest forms of life.  The simplest concepts that we can understand can 
explain larger scale phenomena.  

Just look at the Universe as a large blood vessel.  The planets as cells in our 
body.  The meteors are signal molecules or sometimes bacteria which invade 
the cell and multiply, like a virus, using the resources of the cell to produce 
more viruses, then depleting the cell completely, killing the cell.

Chapter 5 - The Good, Bad G-d.

Going on back to the theory, Good G-d...Bad G-d.  Followed by the 
assumption that this species which we also call G-d, but which we well now 
refer to as Xn, is either for us (conditioning us to propagate and re cultivate 
the species by methods of Project Relocation and Reproduction, and 
Sociological Stabilization) or giving us the short end of the stick.  How, what, 
and why is the topic of this chapter.


How about most of this population knowing the technology of the next phase, 
treating the population like rats in a maze.  How about the Xn evolved people 
watching that scene below, observing all those below and partial interactions 
taking place between the Y1(the governments with the advanced technology 
& the privileged few who know) and the rest of the population.  Those who 
do not know of the technology (Biotechnology) are guinea pigs being 
controlled, to a point.  Y1 does not grasp the full technological implications 
of the technology at hand.  Basically they have reached the full potential of 
the most advanced technology know to man (Y1), but sorry we are not as 
evolved yet to decipher the rest of the code.  
	One needs to evolve another step to peer into the light(!).  We must 
expand our horizons and lift any pre judgments one has to our social 
structure.  Lift all walls of abstructions of the belief of the beyond.  

Chapter 6 - Just before the End of a Cycle

Again referencing to Chapter. 7 - The End of a Cycle, once we thoroughly 
destroy the environment around us in searching for our Absolute Truth of our 
own existence which winds up to be we created ourselves ( in a sense ), 
another avenue needs to be addressed.  Just before the discovery of our 
Absolute Truth, there is our Creators, the Xn, up in space without our 
knowledge assimilates and continues to do so.  Their previous knowledge 
would let them apparently see where our evolution, the Y1, would be going, 
which is the destruction of our own environment.  Would they try and prevent 
that by intervening in our evolution?  And how would they do this?  Through 
the introduction of an ideology which we live by.  Something that we would 
not question and base all of our thought patterns on.  So just as a teacher in a 
class can sway his/her class to believe as he/she does, by giving biased 
information based on his/her beliefs, the Xn can introduce a new thought 
pattern that would gear Y1, us, away from the quest of finding G-d.

This would be done because the quest for deciphering the code leads us away 
from nature, natural programmed response, to programming ourselves, in 
effect erasing the ROM within us, to reprogram ourselves to suit any 
environment, not just the one we were placed in (see project R & R).
How might Xn do this?  Possibly by ending the quest for them, Xn, and 
easing their fear of G-d because of their Natural Instincts being driving them 
away from order.  What better way than for G-d to give his only son, but 
moreover him dying for our sins.  Which relieves the people of their 'guilt' 
from their Natural Feelings, explains the theories of the world to them, and 
the search is over.  They can 'sin' and God will forgive them if they only 
believe in him they will be saved.  This Moral Righteous God has stripped 
them of further curiosity of Absolute Truths of Creation and how they came 
to being.  He, (THEY,Xn), also gave them a set of rules to base their 
decisions on.  	
	In Artificial Intelligence Software for computers, the software is used 
to make business decisions based on rules given to the software by the 
business manager, ex - when is it time to have a sale based on stock 
information and seasonal considerations.  Well the human mind operates 

Chapter 7 - The Cycle Begins Anew with an Ending of the 
or Chapter  7 - The End of a Cycle

The only way the Project Relocation and Reproduction will begin along with 
the achievement of Man's next stage of evolution, the full understanding of 
himself ( the Absolute Truth of His existence, i.e.-man), is through the 
investigation process to this end.  Using the means of the natural world 
around him, in essence destroying his own environment & himself, he will 
discover how to be his own creator.  Once achieving full knowledge of how 
to recreate himself, he will need to use this knowledge to do so.  His 
environment will no longer be suitable to his needs and furthermore he will be 
so far removed from nature that his species death will be inevitable.  In order 
to survive (survival is an encoded desire of all living things, although at that 
point we would have the flexibility to change that in any animal of our natural 
world) we would need to relocate to a more suitable environment.  Hence 
comes along Project  Relocation & Reproduction.  
	The first part of the project would be find a suitable replacement for 
our current environment.  That means choosing a new home.  The proper 
conditions for a new home must be met.  The specific type of solar system 
must be chosen.  If all of the solar system requirements are met and of coarse 
if life forms already exist on that planet & variations in the planetary 
environment need to be made well hey, 'survival of the fittest!'.  We need to 
alter those current conditions to meet our needs.  What ever survives from the 
changes is welcome to inhabit the planet with us, unless they are a threat to 
us, then they too must be eliminated.  Basically all these environmental issues 
I speak of are the specific electromagnetic frequencies that coincide with our 
needs as humans.  O.K.  so we send out this meteor with specific elements on 
this object to our new home, which might be hundreds of light years away.  
The specifications for the meteor must be specific, like the mass (needs to be 
large enough to do its multiple tasks, what it consists of, etc.).  Anyway once 
it gets there we will be traveling to it to assimilate to the population.  So the 
precise timing for the development of the planets evolutionary cycle is 
crucial.  A few hundred thousand years off and were talking to chimps whom 
don't quiet yet talk back.  

Chapter 8 - Proof!

One way to prove that our existence is based on the Project Relocation & 
Reproduction is fact.  Look at the DNA Records from the period previous to 
the huge explosion in Mexico Millions of years ago and then compare those 
records to the ones that come after the explosion.  They are different life 
forms.  The new life forms were brought here from another part of the 
universe.  We could be the products of those original life forms.  

Now how to prove this fact with common day technology is another story.  
One way this can be gone about is checking the fossil records, but unless 
bones can give us the genetic codes we need to determine what DNA did and 
did not exist before the meteor hit the Earth they are of no use to us.

The only place we can find the DNA Genetic Codes we need are within the 
blood/tissue/cells of existing life forms.  How this can be done is to see which 
life forms survived the meteor and were not affected by the 
changes/conditions of the environment.  Those affected by the meteor that 
were not killed by the initial blast or environmental changes might have had 
their Genetic Code altered to adapt to the environment.

The meteor, solid mass made up of possibly a solid planet core or a frozen 
mass that can keep the DNA ( basic life forms ) Alive.  The material on the 
meteor would help sustain the simple life forms.  For example they could 
possibly use the materials on the meteor for nutrients, or to keep the simple 
life form in a stasis like state, suspended animation.

Chapter 9 - Slow Us Down. . .

Those Xn who try to prevent the evolution of the Y1 for whatever purposes 
they may have might actually be adding a catalyst to the solution(chemical 
that is).

What might be those ends which the Xn seek to accomplish.  If it is an X2 
then it might be just to study the Y1.  Study the process of Project R & R.  
They would only be a few stages away from us.  

Or the reason might be of selfish purposes.  To assimilate into society and 
preserve their species.  If doing this which I suspect, but it is probably a 
combination of the two, then they would know where we are going toward 
discovery of ourselves and away from chaotic nature, which would mean 
inevitable death to our species.  To slow or prevent this process they would 
need to insert rules of thought by which we make decisions and a pattern for 
which we behave ( see Chapter 6 - 'Just Before the End of the Cycle' ) .  
What if they Xn are not perfect.  What if their solution to prevent, or slow 
down our evolutionary process is wrong.  It could act like a catalyst to propel 
us faster and penetrate the cycle of evolution too soon.  Their solution would 
be one of setting desires, goals, what we work so hard for.  They could 
design us and program what drives us.  Even structure our Society and 

Chapter 10 - Why do we write God in this (G-d) manner.

God has given us the ability to recreate our own image as we please.  We 
worship the god we believe in, (we)(were), (we believe), created in his own 
image.  In a sense, we worship our own beings in a way.  Once we evolve to 
the next level, we will be able to change shape at will; instantaneously change 
to suit our environment at will, conform our organisms to do as we say ( i.e.- 
program our own organisms (or others) to do specific tasks).  For example, 
either fight off a bacteria; attack a piece of tissue, or a foreign substance; or 
design an organism to survive without oxygen (through space); hence a means 
of transportation to alter ones own self organism to sustain life for extreme 
long periods of time & space travel conditions.

We have been worshipping G-d, not God.  That's why I have written G-d in 
this manner throughout the text.  There is still another being, that has given us 
the ability to recreate our own being as we please.  A being that has started 
this cycle of evolution for us.  That will be our next quest.

chapter 11 -  Wo-man is G-d, Well . . .

in a sense.  In our literature, our religious literature, we have associated G-d 
with a male type figure.  In Christianity,   G-d has given us his only son.  Our 
belief in an almighty, all powerful G-d points to the  male sect of the human 
species. Females are docile and are for the most part of the species the 
weaker than that of the male.  We should now look toward why the female 
sect of the human species are the caretakers (Conditioners) of the species, the 
ones just directly up above.  Now we must look toward the animal world for 
the answer; everything from the bacteria to the chick and the egg, to the lion 
and the Lioness.  It all comes down to the hunter & the protector as the lion 
and the protector of the young as the lioness.  The basis on which human life 
as we know it exists.  That is we must look at the mammal world.

Chapter 12   - Unity: A movement toward freedom

I write these words not to divide our people, but to unite all people.  Black, 
White, Asian, all races and creeds of human kind.  We are one people.  Our 
individual programming might be different based on the environments we 
have evolved from, but we are all human.  Our individual beings might need 
different environments to survive, and together we will explode if forced to 
evolve quickly in the same environment.  Some cultures were forced to 
evolve quicker because of harsher weather conditions or other factors.  
Forced together we will not advance.  Apart evolving in our original 
environments we will all flourish at our own pace.  Adaptation of our species 
is what we have always been about.  Actually survival and destruction of 
everything else around us.  Now that there is no were else to go, we assume.  
We will turn on ourselves.  That cannot be let to happen.  A slow progression 
however is no longer an option for some of us.  This would leave others at the 
mercy of those more evolved to control all others with no knowledge of 
their imprisonment.  Like the pieces on a chess board, not knowing who is 
moving them just knowing that they are moving.  Only the player knows how 
each piece moves.  Knowing the rules of the game and how the pieces move 
is the first step in becoming more advanced.  Going on to the next stage must 
first be our primary objective as a nation, a people, a species!

"The Third Testament"  Copyrighted by Evolpe Corporation (C) 1993

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